Our new version of myN2O is now ready to use

We are excited to launch the new version of our myN2O app, which we hope you'll find quicker and easier to use.

Getting started

  1. Enter the new URL into your browser: myn2o.app.
  2. Click 'Login' and then 'Forgot your password?' and enter the email address you have provided to us.
  3. You will receive emails with details as to how to set your password for the new app. Follow the instructions in the emails.
  4. Once you have set your password, return to the app and use your email address and new password to log in.

myN2O works on both mobile devices and desktop PCs. You can pin the site to your home screen or add a bookmark for quick access.

So what's new?

  • Home page: This is now a hub for your key assignment information. The home page tells you about recent and upcoming assignments, and shows reports that need to be completed. This is also where you 'check in' and 'check out' from assignments.
  • Assignments: This area used to be called 'Jobs'. It's where you'll find the details for all your booked assignments, and it's where you'll upload your event images afterwards. You can also apply for new assignments here under the 'Opportunities' tab.
  • Reports: You can now access reports for recent assignments from the home page, as well as through the 'Assignments' area. You can "save as draft" at any time to store your answers. Once you've finished, click "Complete" to submit your report.
  • ODRs (online daily reports): These can now be seen the day before your assignment so you know exactly what information we'll be looking for.

When do I start?

Right now! The old myN2O and 'Staff Area' sites have now been switched off, so you will need to follow the link above to the new app instead.

We've included a few of our most frequently asked questions below to help you out, or you can email our registrations team for assistance: registration@n2o.co.uk.

And if you're out on assignment and need immediate assistance, please contact the Talent Management team on 01628 902 222, or email ineedhelpnow@n2o.co.uk.

We hope you enjoy the app!


Q. Where is the 'Self-booking' tab?
A. We've merged self-booking with the Opportunities section. If an assignment is eligible for self-booking, you'll see that when you click 'Apply'.
Q. Why can't I see any opportunities?
A. It might be because you haven't completed essential training courses. If you haven't done Best Practice, Health & Safety or COVID-19, you'll see a link on the Opportunities page to take you there.
Q. When I've booked an assignment, do I need to update my availability to show that I can't take another assignment on the same day?
A. No. Our system tells us when you're doing assignments so we won't double-book you. Just tell us about days you're actively looking for assignments or are completely unavailable.
Q. I need to 'check in' but I can't find the button
A. You can now check in directly from the home page – your assignment for the day will be displayed there.
Q. Where are my reports?
A. You can access your reports either on the home page or in the 'Assignments' area – just select the relevant assignment.